If Only He Did

I wish my husband did.  How can a guy look at ???? and not want to make love to his wife.  I am more than happy to let him look at it if it will turn him on to make love with me. 

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3 Responses Aug 11, 2010

Me too but has been a very longgggggggggggggggggggg time. Wish you would add me.

I think you are both missing the whole point<br />
"Looking" at the parts is only a piece of the whole making love beautiful process!!<br />
It is a love story.<br />
Its not just a look and do <br />
You have to be totally and completely enthralled and titalated with that other being, in lust , in love and want them with your very soul, your mind, your being, your touch, . You want to taste the very core of them!!!<br />
I wish I had a special soul mate right now

I wish my wife let me "look" at it. I love the look of her down there. She's beautiful. It really does turn a man on to see those bits. I wish my wife was even interested in sex.