There Is No Age

Althogh we are both in our late 40ies, I love to make love to her. And we both love it, to surprise each other. It started on a day, when I had to work and she had a free day home. The kids where at school and I rushed home. I knew, normaly at this time she was doing homework with loud radio music, so I opend the door and slpied in. I found here standing in the kitchen, doing dish-washes and not watching the entrance.
I took off my shirt, slipped loudless behind her and blindfolded her. Her asthonished reaction calmed down, as she saw my hand, which was closing her mouth, and noticed my ring.
I guided her to the kitchentable, bended her foreward and, after removing the pantys under her skirt, took her hard from behind.
I was so aroused, that it took not a long time and I reached the top. I took away the shirt and she turned her face toward me and kissed me long and very tender. This was my first experiment in a, now getting longer and longer, row.
mczipfer mczipfer
46-50, M
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nothing better then making love to each other<br />
<br />
it is so much better then just sex