99% Of The Time!

Normally I prefer to give pleasure to my partner. I try and read the signs as I caress . Seeing that I get the right reaction as I lick her **** or arse. Tease her nipples or stroke her skin.............But every now and then I just want to ****. To be totally selfish and not worry if she is satisfied or enjoying it. Spread her legs and just thrust my **** into her **** , pumping in to the root. Watch as it slips in and out. No eye contact like usual, just me using her hole to satisfy my lust. Pull out and turn her over. lift her arse and take it doggy style. Enjoying the feeling of dominance and disregard. Close to ******* pull out and finish by hand, squirting *** up the crease of her arse. Satisfied. Not worried whether she is or not...........not often, just once in a blue moon.
beachwalker2 beachwalker2
41-45, M
Jan 16, 2013