In The Beginning....

For some reason I had always wanted to make my own wine so a few years ago, I purchased a wine kit from a local store that specialized in home brewing beer and wine. It seems that the kit cost about $75, as I remember, and included all the basics that one needed to start the project including an actual wine kit with juice, etc. (I have added other tools as I have gone along). I was in heaven! I was very meticulous about everything I did including writing ever detail down, and practicing extreme attention to cleanliness. In a few months my first batch was bottle and ready to drink (Peach/Apricot Chardonnay) and was just great for summertime consumption! Since I grow my own berries, grapes and fruit (I have 8 acres of property), I have a source for the basic ingredient for my wines, and have made many batches since that first one. I now make Concord grape, Blackberry, Raspberry, Blackberry/Raspberry, and have 3 gallon of Apple wine aging now. As soon as that is done I will be doing a few gallon of Raspberry, and 6 gallons of Blackberry. Making wine is a lot of fun albeit also some work but the rewards are great. The homemade wine is sweetened to my own taste and is treasured by many of my friends and relatives. I usually make it with Champagne yeast so it has plenty of alcohol content (it can kick your a**) while tasting really good. Now since I have been doing this for a while, I also get to compare different years to each other and see the effects of weather,etc on the taste of the wine, and am also looking into planting more grapes (one of my dreams to have my own winery). This is a fun hobby that gives you something in return. I get to partake of fruit and berries in the way God intend...fermented!
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2 Responses Dec 5, 2012

Mmmmmm yum yum! We are surrounded by vineyards and I love wine. More white wine in the summertime, more red wine in winter.

If you like, I have a white Chardonnay. Cheers!

Love my wine and it does seem I will drink more whites in the summer than I do in the winter but I love my dry reds!

What fun to make your own wine! I love dry red wine but semidry one too.

Sounds delicious! Cheers

It is but from looking at you pics I would say you have several things that look very tasty!