Merry Christmas

When I was in ninth grade there was a girl in gym class that was sort of a loner. She had no one to talk to, no friends that I ever knew of. Christmas was coming closer and my gym locker was right next to hers. I bought a gift and a nice little card, signed anonymous. When she was in the showers I slipped it into her open locker. I didn't stick around to see her open it or anything just went on to my seventh period class. Sometimes I wonder what her face looked like when she found it. Or what she was thinking as she read the card. Honestly though I never wanted that. I just wanted her to know that someone noticed her.
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That was wonderful trust me I'm sure she felt the way she never has before. You know most do that because they feel invisible or unimportant and u let her that someone can see her. God blesses u for dat

I didn't try to befriend her and I know this sounds silly now but it was because she was an upper classmen. I was a shy kid who stuck close to the kids I went to elementary school and middle school with.

Aww, that was very sweet of you.<br />
Although, you could've taken it further and befriended her, that way she'll feel even better to have a friend and to know that someone thought about her.<br />
Nevertheless, that was very kind of you to do so. Anonymously, too! That's how you know you genuinely wanted to do a good deed and not for attention/rewards and such.

Sometime you should let know other of the good or generous deed you did in past.

Sometime you should let know other of the good or generous deed you did in past.

I guess I could check my year books for her name. Why would I want to tell her though? My good deed was done regardless.

It's not too hard to track someone...

How would let her know now? I haven't been in high school for 6 years!

you should let the girl know that...

that was very sweet of you :)

you keep posting and i'll keep reading.