Ones Closest to Me!

Yep, I like to make my close friends and family feel special. I don't go out of my way too much to make everyone feel special... because I fear rejection, a lot of times. :-/

But for those that I know will appreciate it, I make them the highest on my list and pay lots of attention to them. I just like being there for my friends. Especially nowadays, because all of my friends are the coolest! Not a bad one in the bunch! ;-)

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2 Responses Dec 31, 2008

Having a nurturing personality as you do, I quite understand as I have one of the strongest. This sometimes has it's drawbacks such as rejection and sometimes we give so much we have little left for ourselves. Definitely speaking from experience! I am a Nurse Aide and nurturing just fills me up, but I had to learn to nurture myself first, so keep this in mind, do special things for yourself, you deserve it!! And then when you are refilled pour some out to those who are empty! *winks*

Ah Shadow - I love you girl!! You always are special and make me feel special ... : )