Pleasure And Pain

Seeing you standing naked makes me wild. Your shape, with no cloth muting its sensual curves, causes my body to focus on my center subconsciously. You are the catalyst which causes the most fundamental of chemical reactions in my body. Approaching you I become as hard as I've ever been. The rigid wagging of my ****'s swollen weight serves only to make me want your ***** more as I walk to where you are. Your hips, I cannot wait to touch. Your enormous breasts, which I so desire to overwhelm my grasp, visible at your sides. The sensations as I press my erection against you; my hands wrap around your waist and pull you against me. How my lips tickle your neck and make you shudder; opening the object of my desire. Your soft moan of approval only fuels my movements upon you. Turn around, face me. Let me press the shaft of my throbbing, dripping manhood against your **** as we peer deeper into each other's eyes than anyone has before. I want you to forget the ones you knew before. I want you to moan for me, and for the things we can see in each other's eyes we will do together. As bad as it has been to wait, the wait is over. Lay down my love as we begin the dance.

Trace the boundaries of my face as I place my hand on yours. With the great amount of lubrication I have been blessed with I wet your lips as I move the head of my weeping **** along your swollen lips. The slick liquids from our desperate bodies make our union pleasurable beyond words. It is the first time I have truly met you; the first time i place my life into yours as our pelvises move closer. The warmth of your eyes and the heat engulfing the length of my erection take me. I'm inside you, and moving deeper and deeper. Finally, I have found my heaven. My center presses against you own. Our bodies are as close as they shall ever experience, and I want to give you what it means to me to be a man; my essence, my ***, but all in good time. With my firm warmth inside you, and your snug heat surrounding me; our hot, gliding organs are finally where they were meant to be after so long apart and cold. If there is a god surely we have found its most wonderful of gifts. Look into me. I will see in you the same. Don't move. I want our time bound to each other to last forever. It's a masterpiece of chemistry, you and I. We now have the only real ecstasy there is in this world when all else has crumbled around us. Squeeze me, no, crush me with your organ! Make me *** inside you before I know what hit me. I won't, but try as I grind my body against your ****. Rise woman, rise in arousal, moan! I will. Your breasts tease me as I see them move back and forth from above; your arms tight to your sides trying to make your nipples high enough for me to suckle. I take one of your hard nipples into my mouth and squeeze and fondle your other swollen teat with my free hand as I move slowly and subtly against and within you; prolonging the pleasure, and making the most desirable end to our coupling farther from view. The intensity of our final satisfying convulsions will be incredible the longer we remain in our state of anticipation. It's easy to tell you are not afraid to dominate. When your anticipating sensations have had enough, and the tingle in your ***** has had you aching for climax for too long, we roll. Still connected, you put me on my back, and ride like a woman with nothing but shuddering with ****** on her mind. Let me suckle your heavy hanging breasts. Give me the pleasure of licking the nipples which you so love touched. The motions you require to reach that heightened state of climax, by the grace of all we are, happen to be those which send me to the same place. Moan! Moan woman as I moan with you. Let go with me, become exhausted with me! Arch your back and shudder over me as I do the same with your **** in my hands; spreading the warmth of my ****** within you; warming our insides with the product of a love finally achieved. Fall on me then, trying still to remain in the beauty of our joining. Exhausted, I stay in you, and you around me until our sleeping bodies part.
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Ah! Memories... :)

Wow! That has left me breathless! You describe the scene and sensations in such arousing leave me hanging for more. She is one lucky lady ;-)