************ With Moms Thong

When I was growing up, I discovered how fabulous it was to ********** with my moms panties. My mom had all types of panties, bikini, thong, and even some sexy crotchless ones and in all types of fabrics, cotton, nylon, satin, and lace. I *********** with her thongs and other panties whenever I got the chance to steal a pair. I would look in the hamper in moms bathroom, and most times I was lucky to find a pair just waiting for me to stain with a load. I would put them in my pocket and make my way to my room and get to work right away. I would feel them in my hands and instantly I got hard, and I knew I had to slide them on to see how they felt, my legs would shake as I slide them up past my knees knowing that in a few seconds I would feel what they felt like against me. Once all the way up and releasing the front of the thong against me, I just about exploded just from the first touch of that fabric against me. I had to slow down and breath otherwise I would not last long. Her thong fit me really well and I loved how they felt, I walked and the fabric moved back and fourth against me and I had to stop and freeze in place otherwise I was going to fill that thong up. I then layed down on the bed and slowly rubbed my hand over the front of the panties and I exploded before I was able to pull the waist band away from me. The first time ************ with my moms thong did not take to long, but I learned to pace myself and enjoy many many times ************ with my moms thong and her other panties, however panties have always excited me so much that I don't last very long when using them, they bring me such intense please so fast. Check out our profile for more about us.

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Mar 23, 2011