******* Off

I love when I am dressed in lingerie and with a dress and a blouse and I just start rubbing my body all over and then when i am really excited I will grab my **** and just start to stroke it and just blow my load all over me the floor the dress and then afterwards I can barely move. I usally wait about 10 minates or so then I will start taking the clothes off and I will have to jerk off again when I get everything taken off. It just makes me feel so ******* good.
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About 90% of the time I work myself up to an exciting cli*ax! Then when I get a few pair of my frillies built-up, I'll either have to do a hand wash or else run them in the washer on the "delicates" cycle. Mmmm!!!

i love doing that

DITTO...I get extremely aroused when I'm wearing my pretty lingerie too!!! My thongs start to get very moist, and then...I think we all know the rest of this story!!! Mmmm!!!

Oh yes gets me so hard fast love the feeling

Yes yes yes that is part of the reason for dressing .... the pleasure grabbing your **** and rubbing one out all dressed up... Slipping your hand up your own skirt through the Pantyhose and softly touching and stroking until there is *** everywhere..... For me it seems like once finished then I have to change back rather than remain dressed... Maybe a little depression but the mood does swing... lately I try and remain dresses regardless. Or no ******* until the end of the day so that I can remain dressed all day long....

I feel the same, I love to dress up but once I release that's it I feel I have to change back. As long as I don't cut I can stay dressed all day.

I agree so hot wish I had someone to play and dress with also

Yes, you are not alone~

Almost all of us experience this feeling. Guilt or depression is very common after *******. <br />
<br />
As sexual tension builds, our desire to dress in women's clothing increases. We simply cannot help it. We know it is socially unacceptable to crossdress. There is a sexual naughtiness associated with it. Yet, as trannies, we are compelled to wear women's clothing. So, once we do climax and relieve the sexual tension, guilt often kicks in. It's more difficult when your significant other does not approve. <br />
<br />
Many of us would love nothing more than for a woman to ask us to dress up, or even force us to dress up. Then, the decision to wear women's clothing is no longer exclusively our own. Of course, if our partners also share in the joy our our crossdressed *******, we'd not have any guilt at all.<br />
<br />
The guilt and depression are a state of mind. Regardless of what anyone else thinks about crossdressing, if you enjoy it - then keep doing it. Don't feel ashamed, guilty or depressed.

I have to add that sometimes after I make myself *** while dressed, I feel so depressed. I am not sure why. It may be that I know my wife hates my dressing and I never get to share it with anyone else. Anyone else feel like that?

MMM, that sounds amazing. I do that alot also, sometimes like to rub it into my skin also.

thank you for sharing...that is so hot