Sensual Nylon

I'm dressed right now in a silky white nylon rose print nightgown. I'm very hard and am slowly gliding the silky nightgown back and forth across my glans. I love edging in flowing nylon lingerie. Ever since I started in Mom's half slip at 11. I really enjoy slips, long nylon nightgowns, nylon robes, lace top stockings. I wish there were more pics and videos out there of this. I love the sensation of being covered in silky nylon, and rubbing in it. If others try it, you will enjoy it too!
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I do, I do. Lol

layering nylon stockings, panties and slips is marvelous. I recently added satin sheets to my experience. Wearing stockings, panties and a satin camisole under satin sheets is like wearing nylon for the first time. I didn't get much sleep the first night!

What you describe is sensational, the feeling and the hardness.

A most wonderful feeling dressing in lovely silky flowing lingerie. I love to do the same wearing panties under my nighties and slips...but what a wonderful feeling...and yes cuming to the edge...and just trying to hold on as long as I can.

You naughty man doing that for enjoyment .

I had a few experiences with slips and one piece bathing suits and pantyhose as a kid and even though I don't indulge that fetish, (almost never that is!) the thrill of it has never left.

Visual appeal of black nylons has always done something to me. When I was 15 I had a job at a drug store. Looking at the pantyhose packages made me so horny I would ********** to them in the staff washroom. The few times I have worn them were mind blowing. They feel fantastic - I Wish I had an excuse to shave my legs though!

Recently started going smooth down south, and I can't wait for the opportunity to wear panties or more. My wife was not very enthusiastic when I raised this with her, so I may find some other outlet. Whether that is on my own, with a fetish friendly female service provider or even one or two other men, is still am open question .... Get so excited by this it's hard to control - like I would do anything - and that is the turn on of it!

my first passion was and is stockings but I started with my sisters nylon slips before learning the passion of nylon during puberty. Layering is electric and nylon on freshly shaven legs is unbeatable.......or should I say 'beatable'? Cause as you have shared here there is nothing more stimulating than rubbing satin or nylon on your engorged penis. The prolonged stimulation always results in a thundering ******.

me too, sooooo sexy

I love to finish! And the sensations as I slowly dry, the coolness, then starting over!