At Work

I love to ********** at work.  I work in an office and I love to rub my ***** under me desk while i'm working.  I love the thrill of people walking around me talking to me while I rub my silky panties and play with me ****.  I will usually wear skirts to work so I can have easy acess to my ***** when the urge comes.  Does anyone else ********** at work?

karenlovepanties karenlovepanties
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12 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I pulled my **** out in the office with cubicles and *********** with four women within three feet of me if anyone would have turn my way they would have seen my ****. I exploded *** into my trash can.

I love it I feel so dirty but so happy at the same time. Sometime sitting there as I play with myself, I wonder how many of my coworkers are doing it in the office as well.

There's often no one around me at work, so I like to find an erotic story to read and stroke my penis. There have been times, though, when there are other people at their desks while I'm discretely having fun. I don't usually ***, but if I do, I use my coffee mug. No sense in wasting some perfectly good *****.

I'd love to work in your office so that I could see you **********. I ********** quite often at the office. My desk faces the door so that if I have my **** out and ******* it, if someone comes in they won't notice as long as they don't come around to my chair. Having your **** out in the air when your boss or your secretary is standing in front of you not knowing what you are doing gets me really turned on.

i just want to help him save money.. besides i've known him since 2013

i'd love to crawl under your desk an lick you to ******............wonder if that would qualify for a suckutary job?

Yes, I do it from time to time (as I'm doing now). I close the door of my office and hope no one comes in on me. The only other concern is messing up my clothing when I ******.

This is one of those times when women definitely have it better than guys. I have a private office and a big wooden desk that is completely enclosed to the floor on three sides. I love wearing skirts with no panties and often let my fingers find their way to my **** while I review the many mundane reports that I need to monitor as part of my job. If someone walks in, I've figured out a way to make pulling my skirt back down look like I'm scratching my leg or adjusting my shoe, so they have no idea.

ive gone to the bathroom to jerk one out before.<br />
there's a computer upstairs too, once i had to fix it, so i went on the net, looked at cumonherface pics and stroked one out right there

I did a couple of times at work, but I went into the restroom and did it on the commode.... I'd been having a hot chat online and had to take care of business!!! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!!! :-)

Yes I have, and I love to do it wearing soft sexy panties. I have a closed office so I can have a little more comfortable posture for pleasuring myself. Love to thoroughly cream the inside of the panties and wear that agianst me the rest of the day. People wonder why I smile so much ... :-)

That's awesome. I do it too. I often wear a suit jacket which comes along side me and touches up against my desk so that no one can see that I'm rubbing myself. I have never made myself *** in my work area though, I'be had to go to the wc to finish.

Same here, I don't have the balls to do it at my desk in my office!

it's a bit more difficult to hide for us guys - I have to go to the bathroom if I get horny