*** In Panties

I have gone into female changing rooms dress as a woman tried on lingerie & clothes I have *********** into the panties I was trying on & then put them back on the hanger & back out with the rest of them for someone else to try on & buy, I once went back 3 times & found the same panty & put fresh load in it each time I love ************ in the female changing rooms I went to Selfridges & got into the female changing room & at the time they was only made with material u could see the silhouettes of everyone trying on lingerie I have also seen girls coming out to show each other what they r trying on in lingerie changing rooms but ************ in the lingerie ur going to buy is so much fun or putting it back for others find on shop floor
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2 Responses Jan 15, 2013

naughty girl

yes I know but its a lot of fun, you should try it

i should but as soon as i put panties on i get hard

oh then go commando & then try on in the ladies changing room & leave a nice big mess in them & out them back out for other try

That is so exciting! Especially coming back and it is still there and doing it again.