Anyone Want To Share Some Pics?

Hi everyone

I've put together a series featuring a hot nudist couple that I would like to offer for your masturbatory pleasure. Let me know if you want it and where to send it and I'd be happy to oblige.


bethfan bethfan
7 Responses Feb 20, 2010 I want to watch you eat your *** :)

Add me to the list too thanks!!

I do cam, yes. My yahoo is bethfan2.

Do you cam - perhaps we can both stroke on yahoo cam !! My Yahho is stepchange2005

Oh, if you could send them to ,I would love to see the bodies. <br />
<br />
I find it such a lovely,perfect sight. A work of art, they are...

Yo dude,id love to have the nudists photos. Please send to <br />
You might also enjoy googling imgsrc for nudists photos...:)

hey man, <br />
Send them to,<br />
<br />