When ************ With Pantyhose On, How Do You Like To ***?

I guess this sort of a survey, but I am a little curiouus to find out. And this applies to anyone that loves wearing pantyhose - men or women. For those of us who enjoy ************ while wearing pantyhose, when the big "O" is about to arrive, do you prefer to:

1) *** INTO your pantyhose and make a mess in them, or
2) ********* elsewhere, thus keeping your pantyhose clean

OK...so I'll start...I prefer to *** in them and make them messy.
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9 Responses May 16, 2012

I like to ***in them and make them messy

Thank you for sharing!

I do too! I like shooting my *** thru my tights. I have passed out ******* that way. you also have to jerk off thru, not under the tights

Thanks for sharing!

gotta be clean for me. Want to not have to wash the hose ;-)


I use a condom so as not to make a mess. I always wear with my shaft pointing up and gently message some times up to two or three hours of being rock hard. It is so much better the longer you can go.


Wow! That is a long time!!

I also like to *** in my pantyhose the feeling is awesome

Agreed - I do it all the time.

I like to *** in my hose every time, love the feeling, and enjoy seeing my *** seeping through the nylon. I like to keep them on afterwards, too, and start again when I'm ready. That might be the next morning.

Very nice. Thanks for sharing.

I keep it clean. I la<x>yer with panties and I pull them all down and let the kleenex have it so I can keep my silkies neat and tidy

Nice - the Kleenex method is popular. Use it myself if I don't want the mess. Thanks for commenting.

Well, as you know, I wear a condom, when I am ************ in my pantyhose.

Hi Wolford lover - that's right, I remember. Of course, Wolford pantyhose are just dreamy, so I can appreciate not wanting to get them messy. All the same, I know that I probably couldn't resist. LOL!

I absolutely love to *** into my hose. It's part of the reason I like to wear a nylon "**** sock" when I stroke.

Thanks for commenting. Yes, the **** sock is a popular method.

Exactly! Gotta *** into my hose... it's the best!