Another Technique I Enjoy...nylon Anal Beads

     On occasion, when I'm feeling kinkier than usual, I like a bit of anal play while I stroke myself in my hose.  My preferred method is to get out a pair of sheer silky hose that have runs and I won't really wear anymore.  I hold the legs together and tie several knots into the hose...usually around 8-10.  Then I get them saturated with lube (I typically use astroglide).  I put on a pair of hose with a hole cut in the back only and then put some lube on my sphincter.  I'll stuff the knotted end of the hose into my *** right up to the gusset.  The feeling of having all that nylon pushed into me is electrifying.  It doesn't take me long to *** when I'm stuffed. I'll stroke my hard-on through the silkiness and as I start to shoot into my hose, I start pulling the knots out...not too fast, not too slow.  When I do this the knots rub my prostate on the way out and intensifies my ****** 100%...makes for a huge load that runs down my silky nylonned legs.  Try canbe quite enjoyable...just make sure it's well lubed.
silkyhoseman silkyhoseman
31-35, M
1 Response May 17, 2012

Wow, what a unique technique! Thanks for sharing.