Bored In Texas

It was the end of the summer and we were moving to Texas. i was driving my 4Runner and my husband was following me in the Penske van. i had my precious Huskys in the back and they were knocked out cold. i was listening to an iheartradio station, which one escapes me. i didn't want to turn the music up too loud or i would disturb my boys. i was very bored and there was absolutely no scenery to look at being that we were in the middle of the desert and it was about 10:30 at night. Pitch black, couldn't see a thing except the road in front of your head lights.

my mind started to wander. i started to think about a deliciously hard **** driving deep into my *****. How wonderful it would feel to be filled and slammed over and over again. Then i started to imagine rubbing a woman's breasts, licking and sucking and squeezing. Not something i've ever done before but i had a particular woman in mind at the time.

i was getting all tingly in my shorts and i started squeezing my muscles together, sitting up strait, and rocking a little to try to get a little relief. It did not work, never does, just makes me want more. So i slid my hand down and rubbed my ***** over my shorts. It felt great so i then trailed my hand over to my right thigh. my shorts were very short so it wasn't hard to find my way up them but it was difficult to get my fingers into my panties because my shorts were so tight. Finally, i gave up, took off my seat belt, unbuttoned my shorts and slid my hand down. i was barely able to get my hand on my, by this time, soaking wet *****. But, i was ok with that. i continued to rub and tease my lips still not quite able to reach what was screaming for my attention. i noticed a big 18 wheeler pulling up to pass so i just leaned back and shoved my hand a little further down and smiled. i knew it was too dark for anyone to see anything but i still felt a rush of excitement as the truck passed. 

i glanced back at the pups to make sure they were still sleeping soundly and then up into the rear view mirror to see that i wasn't loosing the van. All was fine. i set the cruise control, unzipped my shorts, and then while steering with my knee, used both hands to tug my shorts down a bit so i could get my hand as deep in them as i needed. And that is exactly what i did.

i drove my hand down into my panties, without resistance this time, and slid my finger between my lips. it felt so slick and warm that i couldn't resist pulling it back out and tasting. i smiled and my eyes fluttered. then i returned my hand to the throbbing heat between my legs. i slid a finger inside and i was once again brought back to the image of the ****. wishing it were that ****, i added a second finger and quickened the pace. i was trying to keep quiet so i wouldn't disturb the dogs and trying to focus on the road so i wouldn't have to answer any questions about my erratic driving later. i really wanted to lose the shorts and panties completely and throw my legs up wide on the dash, but i figured that would not be a wise choice.

By this time i was getting very warm and the need to ****** was even stronger. i abandoned my finger ******* and moved up to that lovely sweet spot at the apex of my quim. i wanted to *** so badly that i just started flicking as quickly as i could. it only took a few seconds before my bottom started to rise out of the seat. i stretched my legs out strait to the floor behind the pedals. i made sure to keep my eyes on the road and not close them like i am used to doing when i would get myself off. i added a second finger and started flicking faster and faster. i felt my *** tighten and i sucked in my breath holding it in. i forced my eyes to remain open as i moaned out loud while my ****** washed over me. i fell back into my seat gasping for air. i continued to rubbed lightly and i giggled and caught my breath. 

i glanced back at the dogs, still sleeping. Then back at the van following me. i giggled some more and continued to rub. i was not ready to stop yet, i wanted another one. i wanted to *** again. i started flicking and tensing up again. it only took a few seconds before my *** was in the air and my legs were locked again. the second ****** is always harder than the first and this time i was much louder and started convulsing. i managed to keep my eyes open though i did swerve a bit.

It took longer this time for me to recover and catch my breath. Once i finally did, i slid my fingers down into my ***** and scooped out all the juice i could. i looked at it glistening on my fingers before i sucked them into my mouth and cleaned them.

i checked on the boys. This time i had woken them but they were just laying there looking at me. i checked the rear view; van was still there. i glanced at my phone, half expecting him to call and ask what the hell i was doing. No call came. i left my shorts unbuttoned and unzipped but pulled them back up to there proper place around my waist. i pulled my seat belt back on and started singing along with the music once again.

That was the one and only time i have ever *********** while driving.
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Wow, that made me hard.

Wow. DO you do this often?

so hot!!

Wow! Very erotic experience! I had to do the same thing while reading your story, except I was laying down. Haha. ************ can sure break up a long trip ;) Thanks for sharing!

your very welcome, glad i could help.

Mercy. Those are some tight shorts. Nice write.

extremely hot.. a favorite way for me to stay awake during long drives

Thank you for the lovely comments everybody. I'm so glad you all enjoyed it. :)

Such a turn on thanks for sharing!

Amazing story! Thank you!

Very hot!