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***** Play While Driving

I love driving with a skirt on and no panties. I pull up my skirt exposing my naked ***** and rub my swollen **** while I'm driving. Sometimes I will wear vibrating panties and just *** all over my seat while driving. I love riding alongside a trucker.. I've been caught so many times with my fat bald ***** exposed underneath my skirt
Thicknipples Thicknipples 18-21, F 10 Responses Apr 13, 2013

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So hot!

Can I carpool with you?

A Nice way to relax ! By taking a long drive and self pleasuring along with it . To make the whole trip more fun in doing a little bit of fingering to enjoy the what you are doing to past the time of day . traveling down the open highway . With skirt flipping in the breeze and two to three fingers deep within . To make the whole experience well worth the feelings of excitement , arousal and that of relaxation it will bring :)
Hope you enjoyed yourself ! It was arousing to read about what you were having fun with :)

I do appreciate that you shared this on here . It was Great ! !

Thank You

Fox trot Arrow

what an adventurous young woman

I would love to *** along side of you....we could ********** going side by side!

You should have a sticker for your car, "Hazardous conditions ahead"

Hazardous and delightfully erotic...

I want to see that ! !

Don't you know those truckers had to pull off and jerk all around

Great story. Would love to see that!!!


Sounds like a great car seat to lick clean.

Bare Hugs