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Double *******

It seems that there is a lot of sexless marriage going around ... even I have it. Anyway, I still have my needs, and I find ************ to be the way to "have a faithful sexual affair."

I travel for work sometimes, and in the days before our great internet ****, I would watch soft **** on the hotel TV. One night, lying in bed, I used some hand lotion as a lube to stroke my penis in time to the sucking and ******* that was going on the TV. I think it was some kind of XXX "documentary" about sex stars having multiple *******. Anyway, it was pretty hot stuff for a hotel room offering.

I found that I became extremely aroused and I could not hold my load any longer. Lying on my back, I decided to shoot it straight up into my hand, with my fingers pointing down toward my crotch and surrounding my ****, so that the hot liquid could flow back down my still erect and throbbing penis. I loved that feeling of hot, slippery *** flowing over myself, so I puddled it up on my tummy below my navel.

The show continued on the TV, and after a short while, my **** resurrected with interest. The ******* and sucking was very stimulating. I needed to *** a second time ... my favorite for its combination of pleasure with pain. Instead of using the hand lotion or just wanking my sheath, I decided to use that luscious *** that was lying there, still warm from contact with my skin.

I bent my penis back to rub it into that puddle, waving it slowly side to side. The feeling was very exciting, and I rubbed as much of the rest of that *** onto my **** to use as the lube. I had a long and exciting second *******, with the sticky and slippery sound of running that *** over myself. The climax was unsurpassed.

At that point, I fell in love with ***. It was my own *** since, but I find it to be extraordinarily exciting to think of having another man's ***, fresh and hot, to rub over my **** before ******* myself. I'll bet that I am not the only one who feels that way.
suom0a suom0a 56-60, M 1 Response Jul 12, 2012

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Sounds hot & the thought of you using another guys hot *** as lube for your **** is a turn on.

Thanks for appreciating the appeal of it. It is a huge turn on for me too. Of you like this story, you should read the one that I put into the I Bukkake group.