My Life As a Army Wife

I met my husband when i was like 3 he is my big brothers best friend and when i was older and started to like boys he was my first crush and it stuck our life is what i call a dream come true my dream come true that is, but others say that its like a fairytale i really don't know you can call it what you want i guess, anyways He's the love of my life, i finally got the nerve to ask him out when i was 16 actually on my 16th birth day he took me on my first date we went to the movies, well we dated for like 2 months then things started going really fast and I'm the kinda girl that scared of commitment so we broke up and then almost a year later we started dating again, and we got engaged really soon after that, then he left for Iraq in Feb. and he come home in may and we got married then he left a week later, even though we are not together really we are happily married, and my husband being in Iraq is the hardest thing in the world, i am very proud  my husband he is my hero, he is everything to me, and i don't wish what my husband and i go through on any one i wish that no one had to go through it but it is also a great thing that you get to do for someone it is very hard but its all worth it, i mean a military wife or g/f get to love some one thats for one there hero but they would give there life for not only you for every one in the country, and he don't even know them, a soldier has so much love its unreal, and you get to love that man, but its not all good being a military wife you don't get to spend time with the one you love, you don't get to look into you the eyes of the one you love, you don't get to hug the one you love, you don't get to kiss the one you love, you don't get to hold the one you love, you don't get to sleep with the one you love, i got married at 17 and people ask me how married life is i have been married for almost 8 months and i don't know what married life is like, a another bad this is your friends or some one you just met can up set you just by saying that there b/f or husband is going away for a couple weeks at a time but your husband or b/f has been gone for 11 months, and wont be home for a another 3 or 4 months, or if someone says something about them not supporting the soldiers or the war some how they are going to say something that up sets you, you get all the feelings that you don't know what your even feeling, i don't know but being a army wife is very hard, but this is part of my life as a army wife,  but girls I'm here for all of you i love talking and if you have any ideas of how to make time go by faster please let me know, god bless you all,

ProudWifeOfASoldier ProudWifeOfASoldier
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I was married at 16 and we have no problems good luck with being married