I Am a New Military Wife

i just married my soldier ho is currently deployed in iraq. he wont be home untill june and thats when ill be making a big move to n.c fort bragg. i wont know anyone there and its a bit scarey. my husband my possibly deploy again in 2009 so id like to meet some other wives who share in my same experiences and might have some advice or info ill need to know.
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2 Responses Feb 2, 2008

my bf is stationed in fort bragg NC as well, he just left monday morning for deployment and I hadnt seen him for a month before he left because I live here in florida and I was suppose to go see him this weekend but that got canceled. I know how you feel nonetheless. He is putting a transfer here to florida when he gets back, but I told him I would move to NC for him when we figure out what were doing when I get the chance to talk to him again. It would be nice to have some friends there if I have to move there. Im krystal btw. You can message me anytime :)

hey i no how you feel, my partner is in the gulf for 8 months and its so hard, be great to talk to someone who knows how it feels.