I Am Lost

My husband is in the navy, we are highschool sweethearts. He joined the navy because he had a drug problem, and when he sobered up from drugs he turned into an alcoholic like most sailors. He has now over come that with help, and support. This is my first deployment, and I'm ashamed in myself because ever since he left I'm afraid that I have turned into an alcoholic as a coping remedy. Can anyone help me?
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3 Responses Feb 25, 2008

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You are going to be okanytime you need to express yr fellins you can email me at tstslucia@aol.com

i know it is hard becuase my husband is in the navy to and he is on his first deployment to see when he left i bacame really ill and i was in the hospitsl for a month i almost died so i gave my self to the lord and maybe u need to find god in yr life again and u will see how easir yr life become when that hapoens for u becuase i am so happy now but i am still sick but i know that i have my husband and my son in my life so it is going to be ok