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I am a Air Force wife and am scared and torn right now of what decision the hubby and I should make about his crosstrain. He works in missiles and on the satellite at Cape Canaveral and it is a cake job for him and he feels he has gotten all he can out of it and wants to crosstrain into a flight engineer. We hate our current base and being in FL and want out but i don't want to make a bad decision to crosstrain into a dangerous job which could end up costing him his life just for that reason. His current job field isn't deployable unless they are needed to do an lieu of job which means the Army is short on convoy drivers so since he is qualified they can send him in lieu of that. Which his next deployment rotation means he will surely be doing that and he is #2 on the list. So, do we stay and not tempt fate but just deal with it at the next rotation or do we crosstrain and he will be gone a lot but be trained to do a certain job and be the best he can be at it and get used to the fact he will always be in harms way? I can handle the seperation it is the fear of seeing the chaplain and base commander walking up to my front door while he is away or getting that phone call I am sure every military wife dreads??? I want to talk to other flight engineer spouses and find out what they have to say about the job. I am scared to tempt fate but also have to have faith in God but I am scared to know what my future holds. I want to meet others who have gone or are going through this. We have two daughters as well and we want to experience the Air Force but it is nerve racking. His current career feild can only go to 5 northern tier bases and no overseas bases so we kind of have this cushy life but like I said we hate where we are at now and want to go to new places, what do we do?

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if your husband becomes a flight engineer he won't be in harms way. The A.F. tries not to get there aircrews in bad situatations, depending on what aircraft he will be flying, he probalywill only fly into the current war zones be there a few hours then fly out.

Its whats best for your family. Ive moved to loads of different base an not been happy. So don't base your idea of having you an your family move just for the fact you might be happy @ another base. Because your husband could crosstrain and hate his job. Or he might love it. My husband loves it. He tell me yes he does have to go away but in all honesty he or I could die at this very 2nd. Think of what you and you hubby want for the future an not just the here and now.. Hope that helps a bit...