Need Some Friends To Hang Out With

I moved to Pensacola Fl about two months ago. I still havent been able to meet any girls to be friends with. I really miss having company and having girlfriends to hang out with. i miss getting my nails done and hair done. I feel soo lonely here. I was even desperate enough to post an ad on craigslist to see if there are any other military wives or stay at home moms who would like to hang out or become friends. no response. My husband leaves for his C school in the middle of March. he doesnt want me to move with him because we wont have the money to move me and a way to transport all of the stuff smoothly. I am extremely scared of staying here alone and literally not know ANYONE when he is gone. Is there anyone out there around my area? NAS Pensacola, FL
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3 Responses Nov 25, 2012

Hey I know this is a little late but I live in FWB and have been here for a while and still havent made a lot of friends, let me know and we can start off by sharing eachothers facebook! mine is Prissy Shelice, add me anytime! take care :)

Hello, I am in Fort Walton Beach and sitting in the same boat. I just moved to Florida last October, leaving everything behind. I love my fiancé, but I need some girlfriends!

Try attending play groups! Church is always a great place to meet new faces