All Of Sudden I Miss Everyone

i like the possibility of meeting with a new persons from any corner of the world.
it gives me a vibe and i am intrigued to know about the cultures,languages and the lifestyle that other people have.
my knowledge in geographic areas will increase too.

Deepset Deepset
18-21, M
5 Responses Aug 6, 2010

Where are YOU from?

Malaysia land of history lol

Anytime blue, im ready now, do you? ;D

Lol, I sure welcome you should you come :)

Great, so when do I get to meet you here? :)

Yeah usually i will spend many hours at night to communicate with them, as we live in a different time zone. And thats mean sacrificing some of my sleep time. I made a lot of friends in the past two years and its quite an achievement when you know there is someone out there who is genuinely interest in what was happen in our life. I have a vision that in future when i want to travel to their country i could minimize my budget as they are ready to host me. Thanks for commenting, Naliruns.;)

I's pretty schweet. Like the other day (before the crash) I talked to someone from egypt...I have also talked to people from japan, china, other parts in asia, I think canada, people from south america, and I might have talked once to an feel so refined and you don't even have to leave your house haha.