Tinkle Tinkle Little Star

My first time was with a girlfriend and we were both really drunk. It happened outside on a star filled night way back in a open field by a large pond.We were both naked, playing around, and as I was eating her out she told me to stop because she needed to pee. I had fantasized about having a girl pee in my mouth and knew this girl, though she was rather vanilla, was also opening up some.So, I pulled away and told her " OK, THEN GO " !  then went back to what I was doing. "  REALLY " ? she asked " YOU WANT ME TO GO IN YOUR MOUTH" ? when I didnt answer her she grabbed the back of my head and held it there forcefully then let go with a gusher. The hard stream hit the back of my throat and their was no way I could drink it down fast enough so it went all over my face and  soaked my hair. When she was done she let go of my hair then quickly twisted around and kissed me deep, ramming her tongue in my mouth, fighting my own to get a taste of her own pee. Later, she told me that she had wanted to do that to someone since high school and also confessed that she sometimes pees in her hand while in the shower and drinks it down.
frankhoy67 frankhoy67
36-40, M
1 Response May 5, 2012

Sexy dude! Would like allot more detail and how it felt to you!