Non-stereotypically Black


Black, next to pink, is the most widely stereotyped colour ever. To many, black symbolises death, evil, loss, negativity, morbidity, contrasts, simplicity. I’ve never been particularly fond of the colour, but somehow most of the time I find myself wearing black (Guess what colour I’m wearing now) and purchasing clothing in that exact colour! I do try to blend a bit though. Black and purple (my favourite colour), black and red, black and pink, black and white, etc. On the odd occasion I will try to wear an outfit that includes absolutely no black, but that really is rare for me. I only do that so that I can try something new. Hate being bland and limited.


Like I said, society’s perception of black is so stereotyped. In one word- bad. I love painting my nails! Usually only jet black, siren red, midnight blue or bright vixen pink. Whenever my nails are painted black I tend to get funny looks and silly comments from my co-workers. They seem to think that my affinity to wearing black, dark eyeliner and mascara, as well as my love of hardcore rock music makes me a Satanist! And so what if I am?! It’s none of their business and a personal choice that I would not allow to affect my ability to do my job. Well, I’m not a Satanist. Not by a long shot. That’s what they call me here though. Wish they’d be afraid of me at least, instead of disliking me.


So, back to the point. Before I started painting my nails black, my sister convinced me to try black fake nails. There was this new range called punk and they had fake nails in black, purple and pink, with loadsa funky designs. My sis and I had tickets to this really awesome 12 hour rock concert (Korn, 30 seconds to Mars, Muse, Chris Cornel, Good Charlotte, etc) and I had my outfit planned, but the black nails would have been a perfect addition to my edgy look! It worked. Looked awesome! Pitch black, not too long, tiny white skulls on each. I tried uploading a pic of what it looked like post concert, but it's not working. :(

Anyhoo, so since that day I painted my nails black ALL TIME! Until I descovered a few other totally awesome colours too. What painting my nails black symbolises to me- confidence, sexiness, beauty, solidity, strength, hardcore, rebelion, independance.

Dariah Dariah
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5 Responses Mar 16, 2010

I totally agree with you! Purple is my favorite color too, by the way. Black is sexy, especially black nails. Mine are midnight blue right now and I love them. I paint my nails very often and they will be black next. Black does symbol all of that though! It really does.

I find that really ignorant. My mother also hates it when I paint my nails black. People have strange and silly beliefs. Example: A few years ago I'd gotten a very pretty ankle bracelet as a gift and it looked so cute on me. My mother's best friend had a HUGE problem with it. She told me that I shouldn't wear it because only ***** and ****** wear ankle bracelets and toe rings. Apparently it's too provocative and what not. Of course that's just a preposterous assumption. Ultimately it's the actions of the person that determines their lifestyle and not the accessories that they wear. Don't you agree?

I used to paint my nails black all the time. Now, I rarely paint them at all. My step mother was a ***** to me and used to tell me that black nail polish meant that I was either A) trashy, hooker, ect. Or B) Demonic. People are ******* strange.......