A Glimpse Into My Abstract Mind

When I paint I go somewhere else. This place is a place of balance, an escape from chaos. In many of my paintings there are things that symbolize a balance of elements or sometimes there are things that symbolize grounding, because these are the things that I am seeking when I paint.

There have been times when I have tried to do what some artists do; put their pain into their art. A short time after my father’s death I went through a bit of an angry phase in my life. One day I sat in front of a large white canvas and began violently slapping red paint on it. I began using my hands to cover the painting in red paint. At first it felt like a release and slowly as I painted all the pain and anger began to leave me and the result was not an angry painting like my original intentions. Instead the result was a painting that I ended up titling meditation.

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5 Responses Feb 18, 2012

very nice painting...

You are very talented!!..We each have our own escape...or at least we should...Thank you for sharing!

Very talented!!

good example of creation at work. good onya.

I think creative paths are an AWESOME way to find your own unique balance. If this is one of your paintings it's beautiful! How cool that while you processed the anger in your work it ended up being a more peaceful painting....