I Love Painting So Much

There is a whole album on my profile with my paintings. I love painting so much. Been doing it for over 3 years now. And have done around 35 paintings. Some 'proper' ones, which I frame. Others that are 'practise' paintings, and then there are some that I have given away.

I love painting. I try to paint every week. On a saturday afternoon, but that is not always possible. But I do paint for a hour every month at least.

Painting is a serious hobby of mine. It relaxes me and allows me to dream.

I really enjoy painting people. I don't do realism, more idealism. So you have flawless skin! Really big wide eyes!

Yea I love painting. I paint people and scenes out of my books, and I love doing it.

I am currently painting an elf. Such FUN!!
Cuitadella Cuitadella
22-25, F
Dec 3, 2012