I Love to Paint

Its like breathing, i can't imagine life without it! So much of who u r goes onto the canvas and even times of frustration and failure result in a new perspective or skill. 

And of course the beauty of it is that art knows no boundaries.  Gotta luv that!! 


ravenstorm ravenstorm
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4 Responses May 20, 2007

wow!!!! ;)

wow!!!! ;)

haha I can so relate to what you're saying - in fact, I often have to step back and let my anime pictures emerge. They seem to have a life and will of their own. I find it so difficult to explain my paintings to people - I would much rather let the paintings speak for themselves :-)

Hear that! Your paintings are luminous and gentle, but with a beauty that is other-worldly. This beauty is more intense and yearning. I know what you mean about times of frustration and failure leading to a new perspective and skill. Sometime, without my knowledge a new force enters me to express itself on the canvas. It is like I wasn't even aware of what I was doing. I stand back and think. WHAT THE....Where did that come from. It is almost embarrassing at times when people look at the piece and ask about it, and I am at a loss (at least in words) from where it came.