I Do Both.....

I paint while I EP.....I bebop back and forth between worlds..... :-)

ohlisalisa ohlisalisa
36-40, F
12 Responses Feb 16, 2009

LOL!!! Body paint you Mewold? Now that would be ineresting! hehehe~!!!! ;-)

Now wait a minute. I have several things you could paint. And, being a nudist, the paintings would always be on display.

It's a deal Candy! I'll be right over!!!!! :-)

LOL my gazebo needs some paint,with rainbow colors...let U pick the colors :)

hehehe!!!! Yes he would :-)

He would be swirled!!! LOL!!!

LOL!!!! I'm not sure you'd like my type of painting Mewold....you'll end up with a wall that's multicolored!!!!! :-)

Hey, girl, my house needs painting. Charge much??? lol

Why yes......I am...... *wink*

What else can you multi-task on? Hehehe....

Yes I am!!! :-)

Such a multi-tasker.... *wink*