My Desire To Paint..

I love to paint i have probably spent like $300 dollars on just paint stuff in the past two years, and that is a lot of money for me. I love it so much it seems like its the only way i can get my feelings out sometimes, because god knows i cant write -lol-. To tell you the truth i don't think i can really paint, all my friends say i am amazing at it but i don't see it. All i do is look at the flaws, i cant help it, and i go back and change it over and over until my teacher forces me to just turn it in -lol-. When i am painting i forget about everything, and when i come up with an idea for a painting i never forget it, i think about it constantly until i can touch my brush to the canvas. I need  A LOT of practice -lol- but i think i am getting better. My dream is to just paint a whole wall. I love just sitting and staring at beautiful paintings done by amazing artists. I get mesmerized by them because they are so beautiful and show so much emotion. A painting can mean anything you want, or it doesn't have to mean anything at all. There are no rules in painting, if say its art then it is, and it doesn't matter what anybody else says. That's why i love it so much, its like a whole other language to me, and anybody can speak it. It doesn't have to be complicated at all. Its the only thing in my life that's not complicated. Its my escape in life, my goal right now is to get better at water coloring because i have always been really bad at it -lol- any pointers?

aliviajune aliviajune
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 8, 2010

I would suggest buying a water soluble pen. I like to outline drawings or quick sketches and then quickly fill them in with water color. Its beautiful, quick and fun. and a great introduction to watercolor.