They Find Me

I've gotten to go around the world a couple times... mostly for work, but sometimes I lie and say it's for work it's just because the greatest event of the year is about to happen somewhere. Things most party animals need to know as they get older.... Vegas = #1 party city in the world. #2 is Montreal. I didn't make this list up, you can check it out. Next... party Island of the world = Ibiza. But private islands are always ok with me. Third, a blend of concerts and mixed parties and lounges and studio parties are always good, but the after party is always the one you want to go to.

I got very lucky, I started young, and through out my school life I got to travel and do it up all over the world. Since then I've been hooked up and found myself in the coolest places in the world. Fortunately, there are so much cooler places to go, and so I've still got a lot to look forward to!

I'm trying to live my life like a rockstar, while staying in the working life. Lots of manipulation is involved to sponsor this. But it's been worth it so far! In the end, it's all drugs, sex, and the spiritual version of "rock and roll" which has adapted to be either that or a wide assortment of other genres, like techno for example.

Sometime the low key party is the best party. You and the selected few, together doing what you love best, no one to stop you or get in your way. Maybe at someone's house or apartment, maybe together at a lounge in a room or something.

My favorite rave ever was in Czech, in this castle, watching dj jean. Drugs and alcohol mixed with the most beautiful girls on the planet. Well, maybe not THE most beautiful, you lovely ladies are spread out, but **** star quality. I barely spoke any czech, but my friend was there to help, and these ladies had highly skilled tongues! Dancing, crazy lights, long conversations, endless laughing, and a lot of touchy feely girls lead the night to be quite exceptional.

I can have conversation with anyone, no matter what language. And I can make anywhere a party, even the open space or a closet. haha. Hell, I'm having a skype session in front of me with a bunch of friends while typing this, drinking some whisky, and blasting music. Feels good =) I want the world to be my playground! Lets all party and have a great experience together! Rock out!
WonderlustKing WonderlustKing
22-25, M
Jul 16, 2010