I Am Having A Blast

I think I have partied more this year than in my college years. And I am having a blast! I take it slow during the week because I want to have a clear mind when I am at the office, but otherwise I rarely come home before the sunrise.

Now, during summer, I spent every other weekend on the beach. This weekend I am going again. And I know I will sleep tops 3-4 hour from Friday to Sunday. But it is worth it: spending the day on the beach with good friends, laughing, telling stories, swimming; nights also on the beach flirting, partying and dancing, playing and singing  around the bonfire, then the sunrise and everything starts all over again...

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1 Response Jul 27, 2010

You have the right idea, this is the reason for life and that is to party. Im going to South America in a few months and really going to party..Where the climate is nice and drugs are cheap