I Gate Crashed My Granddads Party

Me and my Granddad hate each other. If we ever pass on the street, we never look at each other. Well I heard yesterday that he was having a massive family party. Basically, the whole family was invited apart from me. At first, I wasn't particularly bothered but when all my family came round mine before they went to his party, I did start to feel a little jealous. They all wanted me there so I thought 'sod it, I will come!'. I got myself ready and gate crashed on my granddads party. When I arrived, he gave me the biggest dirty look I have ever seen but I just walked over to my family and sat with them and started having a god laugh.

I went outside with my auntie because it was really hot inside and then my Granddad came out. 'Who invited you here?' I replied with 'My cousin :)' then he said 'well I don't want you here' and I just burst out laughing. Me and my auntie just started laughing and he walked away and didn't speak to me for the rest of the night, just passed me dirty looks while I was laughing out loud having a brilliant time with my family. My cousin written c*nt on one of the paper plates and threw it across the room to my granddad LOL! We all got very drunk and I have to say, I am so glad I went to that party in the end.

I sure love to party ;)
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What happened between you and your granddad?

Because he is a woman beater and he supported my dad through the court case even though my dad has been charged with sexual abuse towards me. He is a horrible human being.