My Girlfriend Likes To Party All The Time. She’s Gonna Party Me To Death.

Corri and I got pretty hammered at the pub yesterday. I woke up hungover this morning. I’ve been up a couple of hours. I shook it off somewhat.

And today is someone’s birthday so we have plans to continue the celebration. But first we have some shopping and other things to tend to.

However, I think she might be waking up late, because she’s passed out. I went to check up on her earlier and she just moaned and pulled the covers over her face as if saying “nobody’s home leave me alone”.

It annoys me when there’s a change of plans especially as a result of her deciding to hibernate until after noon time.

I just went to check again and I’m happy that she shows signs of waking up soon.

She took yesterday off work and we went out all day and we concluded with hanging out at my favorite pub. They play cool indie music. We drank three large pitchers of draft bud light. :D

After the bar we took a cab home and we continued the party.

I drink beer because I can’t handle hard liquor, makes me sick. The first time I tasted beer, I thought it was gross, but over the years it quickly grew on me. I love beer now as my social drink.

We’re going out later so I better get ready.


TheButterflyMind TheButterflyMind
31-35, F
May 5, 2012