A Crazy Party!

So me and my best friend, thomas... We went to this insane party. It was hosted by my good friend Isaac. And Isaacs parties are ALWAYS insane. Everyone at our highschool is always talking about what goes down there... But anyway me and thomas didnt know what to expect the first time we went to this party. This was sophomore year, but we had a lot of friends. Anyways it started out slowly and this was a new years party. It was freezing outside but when we got into his house, along with the other people, we were so stunned as to all of the stuff. We new a lot of people there, that were our friends like cody and aaric. But we started to smoke some weed and we got buzzed pretty bad by the alcohol. And one thing led to another and we were outside having a ball but it was sooo cold so we decided to make a fire. Cody and aaric are seniors and we are all in NJROTC. Anyways we get this big *** log off the top of the mountain and bring it down the mountain and light it on fire. Thomas kept chasing tbhis one girl around named Nichole. And she is a *****. They were making out and they went inside. But me and aaric and cody stayed outside just talking and cody was really ****** up on alcohol and the weed and he wanted to throw a metal chair in the fire and aaric went to **** and cody threw it in the fire lmao and aaric came running back to get it off and his wang wasnt even tucked away it was flopping as he was running and it was sooo ******* funny. Needless to say we all had a funny *** time. I think thomas hooked up with that girl, but I dont know. I should ask him about that. :/
jakemassey jakemassey
18-21, M
Nov 29, 2012