Happy Birthday

I was making my way to my friends birthday his name was Aaron heehee it seems he was getting older xDD Hahahs there was soo much fun there and mostly the best part my bestie was there, for a while I thoughted she couldnt come but she did *smiles* My friend name Peter (His soo short xD) said nice hair >__< because I had piggytails =]]  [&&] there was a jukebox which made loud music and yes there was food =p

After that we were all playing party poppers x]] it was like KABOOMIE & then there was like colorful strings comming out everywhere the birthday boy was holding a gun LOL!!! & then he shoot and then there was colorful strings comming out it, it was awesome had soo much fun there with my friends.

Hehe it might be a little weird for us to play 'Pass the parcel' and 'Musical statues' but hey the birthday boy suggested it so why not?? :] It was his birthday after all.

I tried playing 'pool' by like grabbing this stick and trying to hit the number ball into the hole but ==" it was too hard for me XD the cake was singing 0__0 Im not jokin' it was singing 0__0 it was this thingy in the candle and it made music singing happy birthday =]]

I asked him are we allowed to go in the pool? He looked at me weirdly because the music it was sooo loud xD and he thoughted I asked him "Are we allowed to go in the poo?" Hahas it was funny since I couldnt swim x] Well only my bestie,my stupid annoying cousin and I xD it was such a nice sunny day that after touching the cold water it felt soo cool >__<

[&&] After when my father came to pick me up I notice...I never wanted to come home because it was just soo much fun to play with my friends well Ill see them tomorrow at school so its ok :D

Thank you for reading =)

LilMissInnocent LilMissInnocent
18-21, F
Oct 19, 2008