Oh Yes, I Do

There were parties I'll always remember.  They made this miserable life bearable. 

Not always money was needed.  Sometimes it was enough to buy a couple of bottles. 

Sometimes a party teached me something about life.  I don't remember what, but it certainly left its mark.  I'm a scarred person. 

Sometimes, there were fights and torn up clothes.

And always there was the ruthless daylight, early in the morning.

I love to party because there's no reason to celebrate. 

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3 Responses Feb 9, 2010


A pity for those who were not there, King

Sounds like the reckless days! I love them so! The daylight hits you so hard, no windows where we go! There are still some parties i'll always remember... but the best ones have been lost from me a long time ago. lol