I Love Wetting

a diaper (or for that matter, just about anything). I also love men who wet diapers...and also pants, chairs, etc. But I don't like poop/scat. All the groups I find that embrace diaper wearing seem to require that you go along with the pooping. Don't get me wrong, poop a diaper if you want, but its just not my thing. Surely there are plenty of others out there who just want the unique and very erotic *wetting* experience that can be had in a diaper?

wetlinda wetlinda
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Thank you. It is so refreshing to hear that a woman likes to find men in Diapers.I had that pleasure once (a tragic accident took her away) and have been looking ever since.Stay wet Sweetie.

i love to wet in diapers and have a woman wet in them with me its great to have her sit on my lap and have her diaper leak all over me or just have her wear plastic panties over her panties and sit on my lap that way i get soaked with her pee I love it would love to meet a woman like you

Wow - it is so rare to hear of a woman to be turned on by a man wearing and wetting diapers - and so totally hot! I love to wet in a diaper - but it's hard to imagine that this could ever be anything but the secret I keep hidden deepest of all.

totaly agree with you pee is great, poop stinks!

Hello Love to wet but like NOT in to poop or scat at all would love to ex change pic with you if you like i relly enjoy pee my pants and some time diper.

I really love nappies, both disposable, terry nappies an plastic pants. I would love to put on a wet terry nappy just wet by a girl like you and still warm, and better still have you sit astride me both wearing terry nappies and wet right though so you make me wet as well, then pull on plastic pants and keep myself wet with your wee. that would be really lovely. I don't like poopy nappies at all just wet ones. It would be so nice to have an incontinent girlfriend to bath and change.

I only wet my nappy as it the clean up is less hassle and also I think wetting is far sexier. The idea of soaking has a lot of appeal.

Hello wetlinda as a cloth diaper and plastic pants wearer and a public diaper wetter that is all I need.The cleanup is easier and you dont have to hide from the poop odor.Plus you can keep wetting if you want a little pee seepage on your pants

Hello wetlinda as a cloth diaper and plastic pants wearer and a public diaper wetter that is all I need.The cleanup is easier and you dont have to hide from the poop odor.Plus you can keep wetting if you want a little pee seepage on your pants

Hi wetlinda,<br />
I also love wearing diapers. And I love wetting it. Especially I like it in the evening and wear the wet diaper the whole night. It feels so great. It makes me very horny.

i'l pee anywhere with you sweetie mmmmmmm would be my pleasure!!!

I'm a female with urinary incontinence, from a fall, but hate the idea of messing my nappy. I did it once, accidentally. It was horrid. However a warm wet nappy is lovely, and I'm happy when wet. I have lots of friends who know, and I 've never had a adverse reaction. If the cost of being nappied 24/7 is the occasional leak, so be it. keep happy in your nappies.

Poop stinks. Literally. Guys who pee their diapers (or pants or briefs or chairs or girlfriends or just about anything) are a turn on, but add poop into the mix? Major major turn off.

I agree!! but pee away

Linda I agree 100% Peeing is for pleasure and poop just takes all the pleasure away. I love to wet my diaper, then squirt baby oil in it and lay or a pad and ********** while I pee some more. Baby oil is better than anything else because it still stays slippery when wet...

I can enjoy a wet diaper for hours on end. In the rare chance I do poop (we're talking once every six months or so), that diaper is changed in a matter of tens of minutes and disposed of outside. At least wet diapers can stay in my diaper pail until they're full. That's if I'm not using cloth. Yet another great reason to avoid poop.


Yes, the wetter the better, leaking is hot, but no stinky poo, please

Thank you a wet wet diaper is the best, No **** PLEASE.

Linda, I'd love if you could see me with a wet patch after my diaper leaked. Looking forward to seeing those pics :)

mmmm sounds like lots of fun! ;) maybe you'll let us know how it went...

Mmmm I love wetting a diaper in public too but I cant get desperate to pee or it'll leak, I have to wet it when the need's not too great. I think I need to get the good kind...bambinos, I think they're called. and maybe plastic pants. But having said that I love the thought of you going around with a wet tush from a leaky diaper, mmmm! ;) What a nice surprise it would be to see that! Yes I should put up some wet nappy pics, maybe I'll do that next

I'm into diapers too. I sometimes go out in public wearing a diaper under my clothes. I just walk around among people wearing it until I feel the need to pee. Then I just let it go in my diaper, usually standing in front of an attractive woman. Sometimes I keep it on after I've wet it until I feel the need to pee again, but it usually leaks when I wet it the second time, leaving a nice wet patch on my jeans.<br />
How about some pics of you in a diaper Linda? You just get better and better :)

I'm with you wetlinda ! I wet about everything I wear, but not into number two.