Me And My Diapers

I have experimented with diapers before.

Sometimes it's just the diaper, sometimes i wear underwear underneath it.  It really depends on my mood.  In short, i love the wet warmth i get when i wet myself, and I don't always get that in a diaper.  That, and I have a BIG bladder so I have yet to find a diaper that wont leak on the first time, let alone the second or third.

Wetting my diaper in public is especially appealing to me, the only thing that stops me is the leaking thing.

Though it would be cool to have a girl who is also wearing a diaper, and we both run around wetting out diapers, and we change each other... maybe sex happens, maybe it doesn't ... I just like changing a girls wet diaper as much as I like her changing mine.

One of my fantasies is to be driving with said girl on a long distant road trip, she has me in a diaper cuz we are trying to make good time, I have to pee and she wont stop at any of the rest stops. She teases me every time i point it out that there was one and we just missed it.  Eventually I have no choice but to let lose in my diaper... This also works in the reverse :-D.

I have yet to meet this girl.

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2010

The thing I like the most about your story is you wearing your underwear underneath. Perhaps this is a hangup of mine, but diapers are meant to keep you dry and panties or underwear next to your skin will get really wet and stay that way. Just the way I love it.

Wow, how sexy! I especially love the part about you having a large bladder and always leaking your diaper! That's such a turn-on. I also love the part about changing each other's wet diapers, and wetting diapers in the car on a road trip. :)