My Wetting .fetish.

I have  had a wetting fetish since child hood.

I was probably 6 or 7 when playing with a neighborhood girl friend Sandra, when she wet herself. . .  Wearing a little dress, she just stood there and wet.  She then took the wet undies off to carry them home with no embarrassment, maybe because we were both  girls, but when I laughed at her she swung the wet panties and hit me in the face!

This experience has stayed with me to this day, some 20 years lated.

Through my adolesence, grade, high school, early dating, I thought alot about wetting, nothing specific, but I knew that I was facinated by the implication of accidental wetting.

At 13 I sat on the toilet at home one afternoon before my folks got home and wet my panty while I held my hand underneth.  When I became more sexually aware, I'd repeated this little act while ************.

Through a year of college and into young adulthood there were two occassions when girlfriends admitted to some minor wetting accidents andI found these accounts sexually stimulating, although I am not a gay woman.

I have not, to this point in my life, had the nerve to talk about this with any male friend or boyfriend, although I have certainly peed normally in front of boyfriends in the bathroom and they in front of me..

As an adult woman, I have continued to use wetting as a prelude to ************ in private and have even experimented with diapers and on purpose bed wetting with a wetting pad underneth.

I would like to share this with others who may feel as I do.  I'm not ashamed of being turned on by my sexual wetting.  I can fantasize about wetting with a man although I'd like to do the wetting.  I can even fantasize about doing this with a woman.       Jenna





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I have a nappy fetish but recently discovered wetting a nappy can be fun. Much fun can be had wetting yourself.

I have a nappy fetish but recently discovered wetting a nappy can be fun. Much fun can be had wetting yourself.

You're fortunate to have a memory of how this started for you. For me, it's a little more hazy - I do remember, sometime after puberty, peeing on myself in the shower. I've been fortunate enough to have had a girlfriend who shared this fetish with me. I remember telling her that it turned me on to watch her pee (as she would go in front of me without giving a second thought). After a few times of me asking her if I could watch, and her obliging, she became a little more assertive - asking me if I wanted to watch her. From there, I asked if she'd leave her panties when she did it. That progressed to her wetting her pants and that progressed to trying diapers. I guess what I'm saying is that by introduce to your mate slowly provides for less embarassment and gives them a chance to indicate their desire and how far they will go. <br />
<br />
Although we are no longer together, I really enjoyed those moments and the closeness it brought us. I am just getting out of a 10-year relationship in which this sort of activity was beyond her desires. I am certain that whoever I date seriously from this point forth will have to be this adventurous in the bedroom. <br />
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Best <br />
- Colvin