To The Knees.

I've been wearing one pair of cotton long Johns for about two months. The top and crotch and a few inches down the leg are nicely stained with pee. But I've wanted to get the pee stain at least to my knees. Yesterday I wetted a lot into my white cotton trunks, over which I wear my LJ's. Although the top got really wet (it made my trousers wet) I still couldn't extend the pee stain further down my legs.

I realised it was time to be sensible and do the proper thing: When I got undressed, I first just took off my trousers, shirt etc.. Then, standing in front of the mirror, I let out little spurts of pee. I had to be careful, because I didn't want to waste any pee by letting it drip onto the floor. I spent about ten minutes, concentrating on the right leg. After ten minutes the wet pee was at my knee. I carefully removed them (with my trunks) and hung them up so the wee-wee could continue to soak down the leg.

Tommorow I will do the same with the left leg and, probably, re-wet the right leg.

ImustGo ImustGo
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1 Response Mar 8, 2010

I didn't get to wet the other leg, not yet. They were still wet when I needed them to be dry (so not smelling ) so I changed and wore another pair which, though stained, are only faintly stained. <br />
When it was time for a wetting I was on the computer and didn't realise I had got quite full. When I did I took science to solve the problem! I stood with my legs close together, but between my legs I held a large bin-liner to my crotch. Now, as I relaxed and let the pxx dribble and then run, the pxx couldn't drip through the crotch but instead was forced to go down my legs, my cotton long John clad legs. The wet patch spread, arrow like, to my knees and beyond. I was amazed at just how much pxx was held in the material. I did have to cross my legs a couple of times to stop leaking, but 90% was retained and when I hung up my long Johns they were like trophies with wet stains all down the inside legs to the ankles!