Peeing My Wetsuit

I recently went on holiday to quite a cold place with some friends. We decided to go Jet Skiing and I was wearing my bikini with a wetsuit over the top. After being in the sea for about 3 hours I was getting kind of desperate to pee. I went on the jet ski and then when I came back into shallow water I just floated about for a bit trying to hold my pee in. I then decided that wetsuits and bikinis were made to be wet and decided to pee in them. I started to let out a small spurt just to see how it felt. Instantly I loved it. I just started to pee fully and didn't stop for ages. It felt so nice and warm around my *****. The warmth spread all around me in the water. It felt soooo nice. After I had finished my massive pee I got out the water and drank loads of water and coke. I stayed on the beach wearing my wetsuit and held my pee in for about 2 hours. When I couldnt hold it any more I just flooded my wetsuit while standing on the beach. It flooded down my legs and also soaked my sexy feet in my wetsuit shoes. It felt so nice all warm again around my *****. I stayed in my pee wetsuit on the beach for about 10 mins and then put my thick towel folded onto my car seat I sat on the towel and it got completely soaked with my pee. When I got back home I drank loads more again and then stood in my shower. I put the water on as cold as I could to make me cold and shivery. Then I just peed the bikini and wetsuit again completly warming my *****, legs, and feet, It felt so nice. I finaly took my wetsuit off after 3 peeing and 7 hours of fun. It felt so nice to pee in it so much. I am going to do it a lot more.

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2 Responses Oct 17, 2009

It's practical with wetsuit, just pee if you need to!

this one time at the beach i was burried in the sand and needed to pee so i just went and it was great, then a little later i need to poop and i could barly hold it and i lifted up my butt and just pooped it felt soooo good way better then when i peed. have u ever tried pooping your pants