Brazen Public Pee

About a couple of decades ago, in the early hours of the morning, I was travelling in the back of a slow taxi through the main nightclub area of my town. It was about the time that the nightclibs closed and the pavements (aka sidewalks) were full of mostly young people walking, or in some cases drunkenly stumbling, along. The road too was pretty busy with traffic, surprisingly so for that time of the morning, probably because of sober people picking up drunken friends and relatives in their cars. Hence the slow-moving traffic.

Anyway, as I looked out of the taxi window I suddenly saw a young girl, who could only have been about 20, squatting in the middle of the pavement, skirt hoisted above her backside, panties around her knees. And as scores of people walked around and past her in both directions, and in full view of them and the passing traffic, she was openly peeing. A powerful torrent of pee gushing forth was clearly visible, and there was already a large and growing puddle there when I first saw her. Her gaze was fixated upon her pee torrent splashing down in front of her, and she seemed not the slightest bit bothered about who saw her.

It is the most brazen, daring, carefree, and shameless act of female public peeing I have ever seen. I will never forget it.
Peefest Peefest
46-50, M
Jan 23, 2013