The First Pee of the Day

My story starts with when I wake Up in the morning and I am just busting to go to the toilet.

I look through my draws to find a pair of pants that gives me that tingley feeling that will just make the experience that little more arousing, all the while just absolutly busting to go. I hurry and put on my bathers/undies/bikepants something that will maybe be see through or not just depends on the day, then i usually go to the bathroom where I can see my self in the mirror and make some minor adjustments so that the pee will flow one way or another then I relax and let go with that first morning pee and it feels so good just filling my pants, then running down my legs, gee It looks really good in the mirror.

Well thats my story I hope you like it and maybe even try for yourself on morning, to find a female that would be happy to watch me pee my pants that would be the best ever. Or even better watch each other pee their pants together....

deostc deostc
31-35, M
Mar 14, 2009