Watching Girls Pee Outside

I want to tell you about some of the most memorable girls I have seen taking a p**s outside. I enjoy all kinky things involving pee, but I do love watching women pee, especially if they are peeing outside, it turns me on so much.  I remember the first time I saw a girl pee outside and I found it extremely arousing and I think about it often when I am alone in my bed at night. In my early teens myself and a friend were out in my back garden at dusk and she was desperate to use the toilet but if we went back inside my parents would have kept us in and we wanted to play out. I told her to just go pee at the side of my house by a fence where nobody could see (apart from me lol) She was reluctant at first as she thought the boys next door might be able to see her but her bladder was near bursting and she just had to pee! We went round to the pee fence, she had a quick look around to make sure no one was spying on her and she pulled her jeans and panties aside quickly and squatted down. I was getting quite excited, I'd been longing to see a girl pee outside and now it was happening right in front of me! She leaned on the fence and squatted. Instantly I could hear the sound of gushing pee. She must have been so desperate, pee just kept flowing and flowing out of her. I tried to see as much as I could but I didn't want to appear over interested or weird and it was dusk so I couldn't see half as much as I wanted. I sneakily caught a glimpse of her golden stream hitting the patio forming a big **** puddle under her.  The sight of this made my ***** throb and I could feel myself becoming wet. My friend's stream of pee turned to a trickle, she stood, pulling her jeans up with her, she didn't even wipe herself :)

This next experience happened to me when I was in my late teens on a night out with two girl friends. One of them a curvy, busty, milfy brunette had told me that she liked to pee outside when she was drunk. I often fantasied about those stories and this night I was hoping to see it for real. We were out in the city centre, having lots to drink. We went from bar to bar often stopping for smoking breaks down dingy alleys, lots of opportunity for public peeing but it just wasn't happening and I was starting to feel frustrated.  Suddenly, on our way to a nightclub my other friend, a young slender blonde announced that she had to p*** right then and there, on the street, in between two parked cars. Instantly I could feel myself becoming aroused, my nipples becoming harder under my skin tight dress and my **** started to tingle, longing to be toyed with. I moved into a position where I could see what was going on from the front, I wanted an eyeful. She stepped into the gutter. Partly hidden by cars she pulled up her dress, down went her thongs, she parted her legs, squatted and let it go. I couldn't hear her pee but I could see the steady flow of her **** and the ever growing puddle underneath her twinkling in the street lights. I couldn't take my eyes from her, I so wanted to be able to get up close and see her pee flowing right from her *****. She didn't take long to pee, she wiped herself, stood up, adjusted her clothes and stepped over the wet patch she'd made. Then to my surprise my busty brunette friend announced that she could do with a pee also :) I thought I was going to explode with excitement! She too stepped between the cars and she actually trod in the puddle of pee already on the road. She was wearing trousers and as she pulled them down to squat I saw pink. I so wanted to put my hand down my knickers and play with myself, if I had I would have climaxed instantly, I was so horny. It took her quite a while to start peeing and rather than a steady flow she squirted and squirted all her pee out. As she was peeing a group of people passed us and noticed what was happening. I wondered if any of them were turned on by what they saw. The puddle made of the two girl's pee was really big, leaving a huge wet patch on the otherwise dry road, and had started to flow into a drain. She stopped peeing, wiped herself then mooned at us two blondes, I saw a big flash of pink as she wiggled her bum at us and I had to try very hard to stop myself from touching her. We walked over the **** left behind in the street and went to the club and as soon as we got there I headed straight for the toilets :)

Last summer at a day long music festival with my boyfriend I got to see something I had always fantasised about but I really doubted I would ever see for real. My boyfriend and I decided to handcuff ourselves together and spend the day stuck to each other :) After arriving at the festival, getting drinks and finding a quiet spot to sit n smoke  and maybe get a bit naughty it turned out that there was a severe shortage of toilets at the site. The men seemed to be peeing into bushes, which I find quite a nice sight but every now and then a girl would go into or pop out of the hedge. I got very horny thinking about what the ladies were doing back there.  A few drinks later  I got the urge to pee., the kind that just pops up out of nowhere, I had to pee and I had to pee quick. That meant the only option was into the bushes! My boyfriend led me through the hedge and as soon as we got through I saw loads of men stood against trees, legs slightly apart, **** in hand *******. I watched them fascinated, longing to get closer as we went further on to a quieter more overgrown area. By now I was absoloubtly desperate to pee, still handcuffed to my boyfriend I turned, lifted my dress and squatted down above a pile of leaves and litter. It took me a few seconds to get going, then I felt my pee flow and I looked down to see it covering the debris on the ground. I then looked around. And saw the horniest thing ever! Three girls next to each other in a line *******! And not at all discretely, even from my distance I could see everything! Pink and pee! One of them was really blasting her pee out and it squirted quite some distance. I was both shocked and aroused to see women ******* so openly infront of others. I finished peeing and I looked back down at the wet mess I'd made, clearly visible against the dry earth. I then looked up to see my boyfriend with his limp **** out ******* up against a tree. I loved watching pee drip down the tree and the way it soaked into the bark. I turned away to see one of the girls had finished peeing and wiped herself whilst the others continued. I was so horny I couldn't contain myself any longer, I slid my hand down into my knickers, I had to get something inside me! I played with myself as the other two girls finished peeing, one of them wiped herself, the other didn't. I wondered how different they might taste if I went down on them.
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I am a girl ang I love watching other girls pee

I also love to see girls peeing It turns me on so much, especially when it's outside It's just exciting😍

mmmmmmmmm! would love to watch you pee on cam!

Are you still in touch with your brunette friend? Seems like she'd welcome some attention from you :)

I love how excited you got about seeing pink and pee from those three girls. You sound like a female version of me, lol.

Have you had a chance to try peeing on a tree branch yet?

that is a fantastic thing to see...... a stream of pee from a beautiful ***** ..........add me please

I also like watching women pee outside

I know what you mean about the sight of pee running down a tree. As a guy you can put your **** right up against the tree so you can feel your pee exploding out and running down the tree. Maybe you should try sitting on a branch and peeing?

Just written a new story :)

Yeah I had to stop writing my story halfway through I was so horny :)

okay this is the best story so far. way to go. you sound as turned on in these stories as i am when i think of woman wetting

Wow what can I say but hot!