Im Wetting Myself Right Now.

 I am wetting myself right now. Slowly. I just let a little bit out. I just let out more.  It soaked through my jeans.  Now my rear is all wet. Im going to stand up so i dont mess the chair.  OH! A little more let out. I didnt even mean to haha. Okay standing up now.  Having a hard time holding it in haha! Just tried to let a little more out and i soaked my entire crotch!  It keeps spurting out. And it is so warm. Dripping down my left leg now. Uncontrollabe spurt! Theres a drip down to my knee and I have to try so hard not to let loose entirely now. ohhh! So much just came out.  My rear is completely wet.  And im soaked halfway to my knees. All the way to my knees now and it wont stop. Im going to let loose any minute.  Oh no its down past my knees. Its dripping on the floor.  Haha my socks are all wet . 

Im done now.  Oh that felt amazing.  And im so warm now.  Although i reek of urine haha. 

Oh haha i just went a little more.  Guess I wasnt quite done =]

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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

you just turned me on i want to play with myself and wish you were here with me

Mmmm -- thanks for sharing the live action play by play :-) I'm wearing some slightly soaked panties right now ... trying to build up for a major soaking in the next hour or two ... looking forward to that