Den Mothers Get Pied

It started out in grade school. I was a cub scout in the third grade and my den was doing a skit on fire safety. The den mothers in the group decided the scouts should do a parody with a slapstick twist. Our props consisted of a giant tv box which was made into a replica of a small house. Flames were simulated via construction paper and a smokemachine and a strobe light. A toy fire truck, plastic fire hats, and an old garden hose was also used. The skit began like the old masterjoke theater where one of the den mothers was seated in a leather chair dressed in the traditional yellow cub scout den mother's blouse, knee length navy blue skirt, suntan pantyhose and blue high heeled pumps. Her make up was done perfectly and she looked like a young florence henderson with lite brown hair. This was Ms.Thompson. She introduces the skit and my fellow cub scouts act like they are putting out the fire. I run into the house and throw a bucket of confeti on the fire to put it out while the smoke machine is turned off. The audience is laughing and cheering. Ms.Thompson is seated in the leather chair with her legs crossed and announces the skit has ended. As Ms.Thompson says goodnight I smash a large cream pie in her face. Ms.Thompson's look of shock on her face was priceless. The pie landed on her shoulders and some of it fell into her lap. She laughed and finally cleared her eyes. The crowd laughed and cheered. Mrs.Marsden the other den mother walked over to take a bow with the rest of us. She was wearing her official den mother uniform and was wearing navy blue dress slacks and blue wedge sandals. Mrs.Marsden had black hair and looked like a young Rita Morino. I smashed a pie into her face and she stood there with a shocked look on her face. She started laughing and cleared her eyes. Both ladies had been pied by me. It was at that moment I knew I like to pie women in public.
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Nov 28, 2012