Krista Gets Paid By The Pie Man

It was another warm summer day as Krista walked down the street for a leisurely stroll. She had to straighten her mind out after deciding to break up with her boyfriend a couple of nights before accusing him of fooling around with another woman. Of course she knew that it was the total opposite - it was she who had fooled around! But she had no worries. She would go clubbing later in the day and see what happens.

She was already dressed for the occassion wearing a cute purple top, a nice pair of wedges and her favorite tight white jeans. She turned heads and she knew it. She had often been told that she could really rock a tight pair of white pants and was proving it!

Up ahead she saw a man walking down the street, a little older than her with a camera around his neck carrying a bag. That alone was nothing special, but he was pretty cute. He also looked familiar but she wasn't sure where she had seen him. They exchanged glances as they passed when suddenly she heard "Excuse Me!"

She turned around "Can I help you? "

" Yes. I know this sounds sort of strange but I made a bet with my buddy that I could talk an attractive girl into throwing a pie in my face in public. Could you do that for me adn take my picture? I'll even pay you $20 for it since the bet is for more than that."

This indeed was strange to Krista but pretty funny too. First she puts one over on her ex-boyfriend and now she can publicly humiliate this cute guy. "How much is the bet?" she asked.

"I'd rather not say but it would be worth my while"

Krista started laughing. A gooey pie in the cute guy's face. Why not. But she could surely get paid more.

"I'll do it for $40 - still worth your while?"

He reached into the bag and brought out a box. He opened it and inside was a large cream pie which he brought out. Some people began to stop and look at the goings on. "What's going on anyways?" one guy asked.

"I'm going to cream this guy I just met with a cream pie" Krista rejoiced.

"Well, $40 does not give me a big profit margin but... ok. The first thing I have to do is prove that I found the attractive girl, so could you please hold the pie so that I can take your picture? Then I will give you the camera and you can pie me."

Krista picked up the pie and held it, looking over her shoulder and struck a pose. More people gathered around. She was rocking it!

"Let me pay you first" the guy said. "Absolutely" replied Krista. He handed her 2 $20 bills. "I'll hold that for you so you can put those away" he offered, referring to the gooey pie. By now there were well over a dozen people watching from afar.

It happened very quickly. As the guy took the pie from Krista and she stuck the money in her jean pocket she suddenly felt something creamy and cold hit her face. At the same time she felt a hand holding the back of her head and the pie twisting back and forth in her face. Her world turned white and suddenly her mouth and nose were covered in pie! Her ears heard sudden hysterical laughter close by. The S.O.B - he had reversed the tables and Krista was now standing in shock with a cream pie thoroughly covering her face and dripping down her neck. She felt the pie plate placed on her head like a hat. She pulled her legs tightly together, her tight white pants emphasizing her curves and the humiliation growing by the second! Her tight white jeans were adding to the humiliation - one moment feeling super sexy, the next feeling super stupid!

She opened her mouth wide speechless. The laughter continuing around her.
She heard the sound of a camera clicking.She heard applause break out and calls of "Take that pie girl" and "How does it feel to be humiliated Krista?" , "..and in white pants too!" Her pie-er yelled as he ran away "Dan would just like to send his just desserts to you!" Now she remembered where she had seen him - in a picture on a table with Dan, her former boyfirend with a bunch of other buddies who seemed to be also in attendance. She had indeed gotten her just desserts!
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Great story, and fabulous pics! Krista looks great!

hi ! wow she looks fantastic ! really does ! great high heels ! the pie in the face is quite cute too ! :-)

What a great story, loved the suspense of what was going to happen next! Perfect pics to, very ppretty, but very naughty princess, put another pie in her face please, for good measure, lol. I usually imagine myself as the person who deserves pie humiliation from a pretty woman, but this is perplexing stimulating, pietastic!