.Things have become increasingly difficult between the two of us. I have to carry her in both arms to and from the truck every night at the farm. Her steadily deteriorating condition means the end of a 30 year love affair and it saddens me so.

I remember our first party; she was so young and beautiful. I remember her subtle curves and the way she sat upon my lap. I remember how she whispered in my ear “come play me” and I would. Yea, we were young and carefree. It didn’t matter if we were at a public beach, a cozy camp fire or in the privacy of our own home, we just did it.
Oh the times I could reminisce!

But that was long ago and although I’m no spring chick, I still have wants and needs of my own. I still want to play around, like how we use to. Unfortunately in her current state of being we must be ever so gentle and easy.

No, I could never replace her, there is just too much history but perhaps a new girl on the side would lessen the burden. But how? How do you tell your best friend in the whole world something like that? And besides, a new acoustic guitar will cost me about $1,000 and I doubt my wife will go for that.

Guess I’ll keep the old girl a little longer, she’s such a sweetheart and I do love her dearly!
My 1979 Yamaha acoustic; what a friend to have on a cold and lonely night!

whitepine1 whitepine1
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1 Response Dec 29, 2010

Silentwindows you don’t look old enough to know who Neil Young is. He is from the old days when I had long hair, holes in the knees of my jeans, a joint tucked behind the ear and a fist full of dreams. Tonight when I get to the old farm and I am alone, I know witch song I’ll play.<br />
<br />
I want to live,<br />
I want to give<br />
I've been a miner<br />
for a heart of gold.<br />
It's these ex<x>pressions<br />
I never give<br />
That keep me searching<br />
for a heart of gold<br />
And I'm getting old.